The technology

Accordion microphone-system


After years of investigating and construction we can start introducing a new microphone system for accordions.

Within a short time we will come with a full description of the system but here is a short description:

The system has 19 mic-capsules. The signal from these are mixed and amplified by electronics mounted on some five small printed circuit boards ( 12 * 120 * 5 and 12 * 60 ‘ 4 mm W/L/H). The whole system is phantom-supplied and the only “external” part is the cable to mixer or stagebox. This cable has a (small) plug in the instrument and two XLR-plugs – these plugs fits nearly all mixers or stageboxes. All cables and plugs are high-quality so you can expect many years of use without problems.

Inside the treble-side of a diatonic Castagnari



We started production of microphone-systems in late nineteen eighties.
Unfortunately we have no pictures of our first systems so one have to do with this photo – of a very special installation.

The player had two accordions and instead of buying two systems he modified our system. The small black plastic pieces are mini-jacks – in this way he could move the microphone-system from one instrument to the other.

He did all the installation work himself, but we don’t recommends such solutions. All these small (cheap and rather lousy) mini-jacks are very prone to give problems.Accordion microphone system - reworked by the user so he could change it to his other instrument.